late night rant I guess

I’ve gotten a couple lately and I think this is something people still need to realize, even though I’ve seen the topic come up a couple times

self-deprecating compliments don’t feel good to anyone involved. it hurts you first and foremost, and it concerns/alienates the artist you are meaning to compliment.

And in that way, I can’t possibly consider them compliments, because compliments should be intended to feel good to at least someone.

I know this very well, because I gave quite a few out in my day, and later, I realized the error in my ways. people are complicated, majestic creatures, and it is hard to talk to them. u_u

I have had a lot of self-confidence issues in the past and I realize how hard it is to relate to someone you admire (heck, the fact that I’m getting these comments at all blows my teeny mind) but replay your comment back to yourself, and try and understand why that would not be comfortable.

things like

"I’ll never be as good, I should just give up"

"in comparison to this, my stuff is awful"

my darlings please don’t say these things about your work

there is a tendency in the creative field to be overly critical to the point of crippling self-doubt, and if you repeat this sort of thing enough to yourself, you can seriously trip up your progress as an artist

I know this, I’ve been through it, and I do not want you to do it too.

especially if I see these things crop up when I can say something about it, it seriously freaks me out to see you guys do this to yourselves.

help promote happy and healthy artists yo and respect your own growth and the growth of others 9v9!

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